Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Flowers - An Offering

So, the offering for the Flamma Vestae - I pulled out Offering to Isis and opened it randomly.  It fell open to the Horns and Disk Crown (Keriati Woh Aten).  I have an old image that I made for offering rites, and I will use it for the Flamma Vestae.  With the thought in mind that I want to make one.

Not necessarily a crown.  I have the image of it topping a staff.  Again, I am not great with wood-or-other working, and have no idea where I would even start with that.  I want to make this, though.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Flowers - A Way Has Opened

It has been a long time since I've posted here, but I'm not going to let it go away.  This is my own personal Philae, at least part of it.

I've recently (over the last six months) discovered the Fellowship of Isis.  I examined their online materials carefully before joining; I have not found anything yet that I disagree with or that does not fit my gnosis.

I've found a teacher for a Lyceum (one of the teaching groups for the FOI) who lives relatively near to me, and I have been corresponding with him about membership.  A couple of weeks ago I attuned for my first rite, a shrine dedication.  (Attuning is when multiple people in different locations perform the same rite at the same time, and try and reach out and attune their energies to one another; a way of performing a group rite long distance.)

I was pleased to discover that my altar already mostly matched the description of the standard FOI shrine, minus the scarab, though from what I've seen of its ritual use it seems to occupy the same place as a pentagram in Wiccan practice. Fortunately a friend had given me an ankh shaped mirror a while back with a very nice scarab on the back of it.  It was especially appropriate given that the part of the rite that the scarab is involved in mentions water and refers to it as "Her Mirror."

As I said, I was pleased that my altar already fit well with the rite.  It gave me the feeling that I was in the right place.  That this group was one that fit my vibrations well.

The rite itself is beautiful.  During it I was so focused on performing it that I did not have a chance to "feel" much (except in the meditative portion, I will get to that later) but afterwards and since then my altar has felt very different, and in a good way.  The energy about it is warm and strong, and I fancy that I can feel others doing some of the same rites and uttering some of the same prayers as I when I use it.  It feels like little echoes and whispers and a flush of red-gold warmth.

During the meditative portion of the rite I found myself being a lotus in the water (a pond of lilies surrounding you was part of the visualization).  My roots in the warm much, and the very top of me spread to the heavens.  The visualization was aligned with my chakras and other parts; with my crown being out of the water and my root being, well, my roots.  I had a feeling, very difficult to describe, that I spend too much time submerged, paying attention to the water around the rest of my parts, rather than the warm strength from my roots or the brilliance of the light on the petals of my crown.  Perhaps I should say, "We", as it seemed to be a statement/realization about humanity in general.

Now it is time for me to prepare for the Flamma Vestae, which is the initiation into the Heart Beats Lyceum.  I have everything that could be needed for the rite (some of it I picked up for Samhain, conveniently) other than an offering for my Lady.  It's supposed to be something that is made by my own hands.  The thing is, I'm not terribly crafty.  I want to make something, but I want it to be "beautiful and pure" as all offerings to Iset are supposed to be.  My current best idea is poetry or a new invocation; I'm better at making things with words than clay or thread.  At the same time I've considered that it may be better for me to learn to do something new for this, but then my offering wouldn't be of a quality that I would feel appropriate.  Right now I am waiting for guidance, reading the other FOI liturgy and rites and following their Facebook pages for more information.

This has been an excellent experience so far.  I feel closer to Her.