Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Seeds - An Evening Rite

Tonight, when I performed the Evening Rite, I felt very intensely "into" it.  With rites that someone performs daily or on a regular basis, there are times when, despite your best efforts you feel as though you are just going through the motions, and there are times when everything "clicks".  This was one of those times for me.

The Rite itself consists of an invocation to Sarasvati, the Hindu Goddess of Wisdom, and listening to an Oracle of Hers.  Then Ratri is invoked with a hymn, and the blessing of Earth is called.  Then Ninlil and water, Isis and air, Devi and fire, and Demeter and spirit.  Following that is a period of silent communion.  After the communion, healing is sent and the Goddesses are thanked for their grace.

With the invocation of Ratri there was a "zing" that went up my spine and body, an electric, intense force that traveled over me in a wave.  It was very potent, and I felt Her presence very strongly.

On most days I don't get much feeling from the communion portion.  I merely remain silent and keep myself open.  Tonight, though, intuition tugged my body into the Wings of Isis a.k.a. Goddess posture to receive wisdom.  (Some of this, like the wisdom part, is coming spontaneously.)  I contemplated each of the Goddesses seperately, fought to keep my thoughts under control and calm, and tried to "stare" at my third eye by focusing both of my physical eyes upwards and towards each other, and I felt a repeat of that "Zing!" that I felt with the hymn to Ratri, but much more forceful and internal.  I felt the energy shooting up within me, dancing back and forth, and saw a serpent inside myself, writhing and dancing upwards, and I had the impression of a cobra's head coming out of my crown and facing forwards.

My eyes opened as the energy poured up, and I sent out healing to those who needed it as well as the rest of the Aset Shemsu.  I would keep drawing energy up and releasing it in a warm, orange-red wave towards the object.  I haven't felt energy surge through me like that in quite a long time.

I said my thanks to the Goddesses, put out my candles, contemplated, then decided to record the experience.

One thing to note is that I was playing with kundalini energy just before performing this rite.  It is possible that this enhanced it, but it's something that doesn't "just happen" for me, I need to be in the mood, which I suppose is only appropriate given the energy and my methods.

In any case, I thank:

Sarasvati the Wise, of the Golden Eyes,
Ratri, the gentle Night,
Ninlil who bathes in the pure stream,
Isis who moves the air with Her wings,
Devi who guards the flame and is the flame,
and Demeter, the source of Ambrosia and Earth Mother.

Blessed Be,
Amma Iset

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Seeds - A Full Moon Rite

The last post that I published was for a rite at the New Moon.  Tonight's ritual was a Full Moon Rite, done in conjunction (long distance) with other members of my Iseum.  It was to be dedicated to a Moon Goddess.  I chose my Lady Isis, as the Moon is one of her many, many aspects.

First we were to find an image of the Caduceus to meditate on and guide us in raising energy in the Rite.  I chose both of the above, for obvious reasons.

I performed Isidora Forest's cleansing and consecration rite, cast a circle, and did the Elemental Pillars.  I called out to the Ancestors and Blessed Dead that might wish to join me; Rose and Apuleius specifically (as if he had nothing better to do ;) )I invoked my Lady many times and by many names, as is only appropriate for Myrianymos.  Afterwards I stood in the center of my space and meditated on the imaged, first drawing the moonlight down through me into the earth, and then drawing the energy below upwards, following the paths of the serpents, up through my form and out my crown and hands.  As I beamed it out into the Universe, I used the provided prayer:

In the Names of Isis and Osiris may all beings be blessed: the Sidhe and humans, animals and birds, reptiles, fish, insects, trees and plants and every element.

Pure as milk and smooth as silk, white as the silver that sings the name of the Moon.  Serpents of light dancing in corridors of color, sounds of all sorts.  Hail falling, crackling against the outer barrier, white from the heavens, water in pure crystal form.  CLEAR.  CLEAN.  Safe.  Warm.  Womb.  Night.  Light.  Her Might!  In and down, up and out, from Her to me to All.

That was spontaneous, but as good a summary as any.

I bid farewell to the Ancestors and Elements and closed the temple, then performed the Evening Rite and the Shrine Dedication.  The Prayer to Devi seemed especially pertinent: "...riseth, piercing the mystic centers, until thou hast reached the high place".

A rite-ful night, and now I sit and eat little round white shortening cookies a coworker made for me, and drink milk and record my experiences, or at least, what I did.  I will endeavor to fill this space with more insight over time.  Often when I perform rites like this they take a while to sink in and manifest.  I'm just glad for the connection and the communion time, and hope that the energy that I raised bolstered and healed the others of my Iseum, my loved ones, my beloved Ancestors, the Aset Shemsu, the rest of the Silver Web, and well... "the Sidhe and humans, animals and birds, reptiles, fish, insects, trees and plants and every element."

Namaste, and Amma Iset.