Monday, January 23, 2012

The Seeds - A New Moon Rite

Tonight I did a New Moon rite, attuning to the other members of my Iseum as I did so.  It was the first time that I called out to Hekate, and I called out to Osiris as well, as I usually do on the New Moon.

Here are the invocations that I used:

New Moon Invocation to Osiris:

Hail to you Osiris, who has died and returned!  God of Life and Lord of the Living, Dying God and King of the Dead!  Son of Earth and Sky and Father of Anubis and Horus!  Good God of Green and Grain, Lord of Love, Beautiful Boy!  Hail to you Moon God, White God, Green God, Song God, Dance God, Laughter God, Dying God, Dead God, Reborn God!

Hail to you, Ausar, on this night of the New Moon, a night held sacred to you since ancient times.  Into darkness the moon has descended, as you did to the underworld.  Now its white light grows, as your purity and power ever do, towards the height of its majesty.

Your sweet name is remembered by us, the followers of Isis, your sister and bride, and you are honored by us on this night.  We remember that light will always come after darkness, that hope will rise like the moon from the horizon, that the grain will always grow again.

Grant us guiding light in the dark, healing, and strength for this Moon, Good God.  Blessed be to you and welcome.

Invocation to Hekate:

Lady of the Crossroads,
Lady of Doors,
Lady of the meeting place of Sea, Sky, and Stone,
I call out to you.

Lady of the Crossroads,
Lady of Thresholds,
Lady of Portals,
We are mortal, and cannot see far beyond the place that we stand.
We are mortal, and do not know what lies down each road.
We are mortal, and do not know what lies behind each door.
Torch-bearing Phosphoros (Light Bearer), help us to see in the darkness of the unknown.
Help us to see the signposts that hang at the crossroads, and to read them, and to understand them.
Help us to see the plaques upon the doors, and to read them, and to understand them.
That we choose the best roads to walk,
The best thresholds to cross,
And arrive at the best destinations.

Hail to you, Hekate Enodia! (Goddess of the Paths)  Goddess of the Crossroads!
Hail to you, Hekate Propylaia! (The One Before the Gate) Goddess of the Thresholds!
Hail to you, Hekate Crataeis! (The Mighty One) Goddess of Star, Sea, and Stone!
Blessed be to you and welcome!

The strong impression that Hekate was letting me know that all that she had been described as to me was not all that there was.  She is both beautiful and terrible.  She told me not to sit cross-legged, but to kneel, as was proper for me.  Mostly I simply sensed her presence.  I hope that more will be revealed as time goes on.  However, I am pleased to have made contact with the Lady of the Crossroads, and pleased that it was a pleasant experience.  When I was done with the communion and it was time to make offering and wrap up, I felt three distinct kisses on my crown.

As a side note, during meditation earlier on in the day, three young women approached me, laughing and smiling holding hands or with their arms around the others' waists.  I had the impression that this was She, and that She was showing me that she was young and beautiful as well as ancient and powerful, and that She welcomed my invocation.

Lord Ausar, Osiris... words often fail when it comes to describing the love I feel for him.  Beautiful, strong, wise, stern, pure, loving... he is the ideal man, the ideal Father, to me.  There are many Gods I love, but not in the way that I love him.  I felt him tap me on either shoulder with an implement when it was time to rise from the communion, and share the offerings.

During the communion period, I had a vision of the light crossing the surface of the moon, but looking like a film, something covering the moon in its darkness.  It was distinctly opalescent.  I had the impression/suggestion: it is easier to see by the dark of the moon, the light of the full moon can blind you.  I think that I grok this.

It was a good Rite, and a good night.