Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome to this Temple

Temple is not the best word.  Salon, forum, soapbox, circle, and yes blog might all be more appropriate.  Writing this is in a way an act of worship for me; on this blog I will share my thoughts, interactions, encounters, and gnosis of the Divine, specifically Isis, the Great Mother, as well as those associated with her, other divine manifestations, magick, ethics, morality, and related topics.

I am drawing my square in the sand here, a cartouche to contain the glyphs that my mind makes when it reflects on that which is greater than I.  A place to give them some order, a place to give them life, and most importantly, a place to give them a place outside of myself.

I draw a break in the square in the sand, a gateway that can be entered by those who resonate off what they see in the mark, to small for inflated egos and locked against any who would mark it with ill will.  By the gates I draw a lion and a cobra, who will drive back any that are unwelcome.  Within I draw a cat that will hunt and remove that which does not belong here.

In the middle I draw an ankh, and in the loop of the ankh I trace the djed.  About the ankh is drawn a five pointed star, enclosed in a circle, with twin crescents of the moon on either side and crescent horns pointing upwards at the top.

At the corners I draw a a cloud and a hawk, a flame and a scorpion, a turtle under waves, and a wolf on a mountain.  Near the cloud and hawk I draw the rune Ansuz, awakening and awareness.  Near the flame and the scorpion I draw the rune Kenaz, illumination and knowledge.  Near the turtle and water I draw the rune Berkana, compassion and the Mother.  Near the wolf on the mountain I draw the rune Othila, the sanctuary, the temple.

It is done.  I step back and look at the tablet, blank and prepared to contain my words and the words of others.  I silently pray that they will be words of wisdom, hope, compassion, and enlightenment.

The page is ready.  It will soon be time to begin.

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