Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Seeds - The Flamma Vestae

Tonight I performed the Flamma Vestae, attuning to it with Lord Arthur Freeheart, who guided me in it and into the Heart Beats Drum Iseum.

Following is a recording of sensations and visions from the rite:

When the priestess of Vesta conferred her blessing, I felt a pillar of white light, blinding my inner eyes, spread down through me.  I was left with spots and motes behind my eyes and a feeling of being more truly myself than before.

When, through attuning, I danced around the altar, I saw and felt myself in many incarnations and forms, my "body" flashing and changing as I moved.

When the offerings were given there was a weight in the air that was not from the thick, sweet odor of the copal alone.  It was many presences united by a single (sensation, light, vibration?).

When I received my Ankh and cord, I felt that I stood at the center of a wheel, spokes radiating out from around me, and at the ends of the spokes were others already set aglow with Her light.  I felt pure, and clean, that level of being where we are all One, where we all touch.  With deliberate action, I sent my love and light along these spokes to bless and join with that of others.

Often with these things, the most amazing manifestations happen not at the Rite itself, but in the days after, when the energy begins to sink in and manifest in our lives.  If this is the case, then I am in for a ride, and if that is the case, I pray that my Chariot holds strong and on a clear path.

I love you, and even if I don't know you, I know you, as you know me.  May the light fill all of us, and through us, the world around us.

Blessed Be!

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