Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Seeds - Back to Hell With You!

The world is changing rapidly, and, as Terrence McKenna pointed out, the rate of increase in complexity and activity seems to be increasing.  Some folks speak of an Armageddon, a Ragnarok, a Singularity, and I can't comment as to what that will or would look like, but our species does seem to be in a plastic, stretchy, alter-y time, and things are moving to a head (if they haven't already passed it).

I think that at this time more than any other it is important to keep an eye out for bullshit and call it when you see it.  Even, or especially, if it comes from you.  Don't base your decision about what is or is not bullshit around anyone else, either - use your own mind and intuition to form these opinions.  I'm not saying that you shouldn't take other people's opinions or thoughts into account, I'm saying, please, for the love of all that is (and I am not being facetious or flippant when I say that it should be "for the love of all that is"), please use your own internal bullshit filters.

You'll be wrong about some things.  I certainly am, and have been.  But you'll be less wrong than you would be if you just listened to and agreed with someone else.  Whether they are someone who is painted as a whacked-out conspiracy theorist or as Someone Who You Should Trust, please, again, for the love of all that is, think and feel before you decide to agree with them, and if something feels off, take some quiet internal time to figure out what that is and follow the trail of discomfort back to its source.  It is (always, but especially now) time to let people know that we are wise to their tricks and traps and that this is NOT acceptable.

Also, read this blog post by the inimitable Gordon White, especially the last couple of paragraphs; they are very pertinent to this and to a lot of things that are going down right now:

He says, "You just need to see these things moving. You just need to call bullshit on their bullshit. The clue is in the name but dark power can only ever move in the dark. If you shine a light on it, if you reject it, then it will eventually fail. Here is where the storytellers have left us without a map. We may just have turned the tide on unstoppable forces but that doesn’t mean the tide has gone out. We have more than the last few moments of the third act to go."

Read more:

It's never too late to start, especially considering that this all started a long, long time ago, and new betrayals of our trust are starting every day.  Nip the new ones in the bud and help the rest of us take an industrial sized chainsaw to the old ones (and to the Old Ones?).  Start here and now and today.

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